Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Low Countries bloggers unite! Or not!

(A post in which I prove I could be a motivational speaker. Or a salesperson.)

So yeah, after those last comments, why don't we have a party sometime for all the English speaking bloggers we know in the neighbourhood? Well, maybe not a party. We might be safer starting with dinner. You know, in case some of us are really dull. Or creepy. Or an axe murderer. Actually, let's do lunch. Then we have the added bonus of daylight.

Seriously - France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium - all pretty close together. How about we meet in the middle? (Did you see how cunningly the middle of all that is Belgium?) Anyone interested, leave a comment or send me an email. Yes, I'm looking at YOU! Don't be shy - it'd be fun. We could decide where exactly when we see who wants to come, and make it about as far for everyone.

You think this is a bad idea, right? We have a good thing going, why spoil it? Do we really want to put faces to the fake names? Are we ready to be infected with each other's swine flu? Also - compared to the walk to your desk, the journey would be a lot longer.

I'm terrified about this. I like to hide behind my blog. But really, people in other countries seem to enjoy this kind of thing. They don't tend to die of embarrassment or boredom or disappointment or an axe stroke. And you are all lovely. At least in writing you are. ;-) Okay, must stop scaring you all now. What do you think?

(And those of you not geographically close, have you met bloggers in real life? Did you have good or bad experiences? Do you think we shouldn't spoil the mystery? Really. I want to know. Badly. Urgently. Before it's too late.)

See, I could totally sell a blind man binoculars.


  1. If I lived on the same continent as you, I would SO be there. Just in case that comforts you at all. Or scares you, and you are thinking thank you jebus this woman isn't in my country!

  2. While I looove the people I read I don't have this burning desire to see their face.

    Somehow I feel it'll be like those email romance things (not that I've every done that, ahem) but you know, they're so awesome online, so cool, so witty then you meet them and they have a cleft palate or a wattle or some weird tick.

    God forbid people witness -- up-close-and-personal -- my mental and physical disfigurations.

    p.s. I would love to have a slumber party at your house tho and stay up all night filming Bumba in pervy positions!

  3. If I lived anywhere near you I'd be there in a second!! I haven't met anyone from the blog world yet, but I'm really wanting to! I think I'd be super nervous but also pumped as hell to meet some of you fabulous people face to face!

  4. I have met a few bloggers and they have been very nice. I think you should do this! I really do!

  5. I would love to meet you! Unfortunately Western Canada is a little bit too far for me to pop across for lunch. Boo. But really I think it's a great idea.

  6. I am from a low country does that count me in? I've never met any bloggers but I did go to a bloggers shop once but the blogger wasn't there but her husband was and he was very nice:-)

  7. I think it would be fun, but very very difficult to get lots of people to agree on where and when.

  8. We are planning a mummy blogger conference in July -- this would be a perfect place to meet!

  9. yes yes yes..i want to meet..just ( i know that sound silly) let us finde a date after february 15th...i m totally on board:-)

    i met only one blogger so far..the wonderful shanna germain who is a blog land friend and a fellow smut writer...we met in cologne..drank champagne in the park and spoke about god and the world (blog land included) and it was just a wonderfull expirience....

  10. Sadly I'm too far away to come make everyone feel comfortable, so I'll do it from afar.

    You know Ireland is v small, so lots of bloggers live very close together. I've met LOADS of blogger people and made some really good friends, had lots of fun, and good nights out, and not once have I been axe murdered. seriously, go for it.

  11. @Kori - Now that would be wonderful! Shame you live in the wrong country.

    @geeksinrome - I see what you mean. And that's precisely what I'm scared of.

    @carissajaded - Again, shame of the country.

    @Ms. Moon - You do? And you're meant to be the voice of reason, counselling me against stupidity. ;-)

    @Lady Mama - Western Canada? Pah, surely you come this way at least monthly. Boo indeed.

    @Countess - You are very welcome to come as well. I didn't specify which low country.

    @Megan - I suppose that could be difficult, but then if we never try...

    @A Modern Mother - Where are you planning this conference?

    @Danielle - I doubt we'll manage before that, what with the holidays and all.

    @Jo - You know, it costs hardly anything to fly Easyjet to Belgium. I could even pick you up at the airport... :-)

  12. I have never met another blogger face to face, but it would be an interesting experience. (though I can't think why anyone would particularly want to meet me, I'm so boring! Good idea...

  13. I've met a number of bloggers in real life, and it's always been an enjoyable experience, although a tad nerve wracking for a social phobe such as myself.

  14. @ jo

    yes yes yes..easyjet to belgium...:-)

    @ mwa..okay..that calms me down...:-)

  15. I'd totally come over for lunch, but my car isn't waterproof and wouldn't make the trip across the ocean.

  16. @Technogran - Interesting it would be.

    @Dan - Yeah, I'd die.

    @Badass Geek - Yeah, there are these funny winged cars that bypass the water.

  17. I think it's a great idea and you should go for it.

    I am interested in how you'll recognise each other. 'I'm small, pink, have a flower on my dress, three fingers on each hand and a tiara'.

  18. That's a great idea! How about NYC as a compromise?


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