Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Birthday trouble, birthday fun

I had the best day. Officially I turned 33 today, but hardly any mention was made of this fact. Instead, Babes took the day off, and we celebrated his 33rd birthday. (For he's a jolly good fellow!) I also sent a Facebook message to my darling cousin to congratulate him on his birthday. Then tonight, I phoned my sister (not An) to wish her a happy 29th. Oh yes, and a sweet day it was.

I will tell you why this made me so happy -

For the first three years of my life, I had a birthday all to myself. I don't remember any of those days. Then, for my fourth birthday, my parents kindly provided me with a baby sister. Which - great, you know. Only couldn't they have waited a day, or got in there a couple of days early? (She was induced.) From then on, my birthdays were spent in the shadow of my (lovely, blameless, entitled) younger sibling. One year (my family tire of this story, but I will keep telling it as long as I live), a whole lot of relatives visited our house with presents for my younger sister. That year, I got

- wait for it -


one pack of blank cassette tapes! Yeah baby - good times. I hated my birthday. Always.

Anyway. We moved to Scotland and one day at school I started inviting some people to my 17th birthday party. They, however, objected because one of their friends (not new to the school, so obviously more of a priority) had his birthday on the same day. "No problem," I proclaimed. "Bring him along!" The day arrived, we had some booze, next thing you know I'm married to this bloke. D'oh! Just when I escaped the joint-birthdays-with-sister I went and picked up someone else who came with the same inconvenience.

Three years ago, I finally saw the light. I simply moved my birthday to the 23rd of March. The benefits are multifold! I get to ignore my birthday completely, while giving Babes the birthday he deserves. I don't have to acknowledge my new age. I can gracefully wish my little sister happy birthday. (We're celebrating her at the weekend.) And, AND, a-a-and... next month, I get to have a birthday all to myself, which really isn't a birthday, so I don't have to mourn the passing of time or get scared of the grim reaper's approach. I just get to have the birthday I always wanted, without all the pressures of an actual birthday. Genius or what?

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  1. love it!! I will wait then for your "real" birthday to send you well wishes. But how insane you end up marrying someone with the same b-day (blame the booze, baby)

    Are "name-days" done in Belgium? They're big in Italy. You party on the day your name matches the Saint of the Day. Doesn't work though if you're the kid of a Hollywood star and they called you freakin' Apple or Paris...

  2. Hey, now. Cassette tapes were awesome back in the day.

    Happy Birthday. =)

  3. @ geeks..gah i hate name days..they make me crazy with that here in germany

    blank cass-what???

    happy real or not real b-day..:-)))

  4. Genius! Am thinking of doing that for my twins - a birthday and an official birthday. So it'll be you, them and the Queen...

  5. And it means you're still 32 for another month, you lucky person!

  6. happy non birthday and keep on enjoying living the lie of being 32! Quirky but fun.

  7. Flippin heck I bet there's some really long number representing the odds against that - Happy Un-Birthday!

  8. The birthday gods move in mysterious ways. Happy Birthday babe!

  9. What a brilliant idea! And, um, happy not birthday...? I hope your March birthday is a wonderful one.

  10. I went out with two people (not at the same time) who shared my birthday. Turned out not to be a very profound reason to build a relationship with someone. Neither relationship lasted more than a few weeks.

    I don't share a birthday with my husband, because by the time I'd met him, I'd worked out that there were other reasons to go out with a guy.

  11. very clever girl!!
    funny funny funny story. you play any lottery much? I'd bet on your birthday!!! seems to be very popular!!

  12. how funny.
    Very merry unbirthday to you!

  13. That's crazy that so many significant others share your birthday.

    Awesome problem solving.

    happy birthday next month!

  14. Yup! You are a genius! For a minute there I was worried that you were going to say that your baby's due on the 23rd of March.
    Happy Birthday to the hubby and the sister. They had better get you some kick ass presents for taking the focus away fro you and putting it on them.

  15. Oh my god, i can't believe they all forgot your birthday! blank tapes? seriously? I'd still be reminding them about it too!

  16. Happy birthday to those other people, then. Blank tapes? Blanks? WTF.

  17. YES!! I keep trying to make my cousin do this. Her birthday's the 26th of DEcember and no one remembers/celebrates/ gets her anything. She's miserable every year.

    Ok. March 23rd.

  18. Happy whatever-today-is-then, Mwa.

    I'll look forward to saying happy birthday in March.

  19. 23rd of March is the WRONG day to pick. It's already Cubling's birthday. You can have 22nd or something like that.
    Happy birthday anyway!!!

  20. Nah, the 22nd's my brother's.

  21. @Ms. Moon - Why thank you, I rather thought so myself. :-)

    @Geeks in Rome - We don't really do name days here, and I'm happy to have the relation to my "old" birthday intact.

    @Badass Geek - Not THAT awesome.

    @Danielle - :-)

    @Steph - LALALA! :-)

    @planb - You should definitely do that if they want it for themselves.

    @Emily O - I know! Clever, right?

    @Diney - I'm thinking of going back to 29.

    @MrsW - I know. On the other hand, we worked out once in a probability class how likely it was that two people in the same class had the same birthday, and the chance was huge! There's just not that many days in the year.

    @Countess - LALALA!

    @Lady Mama - I'm working on it. I have my eye on some fabulous sunglasses I'd like to be spontaneously given by Babes.

    @Iota - :-) You cracked me up.

    @Laura Lee - That would be a bad idea, right, because a lot of people use their birthday, and if it's so popular...

    @Megan - LALALA!

    @michelle - Cheers. For next month.

    @Angie - :-) No, no - it will be August.

  22. heh, you have the same birthday at the wife.

    You're *cough* a tad *cough* older though ;-P

  23. @Heather - It's worse than that! They didn't forget, they just elected to get something for my sister and not for me. She being little, and me not so much.

    @GingerB - WTF indeed.

    @Jo - She should!!! It's too horrible for people with birthdays around Christmas.

    @tinman18 - :-)

    @cartside - Okay, you tell me which day no one has a birthday on, and I'll take that one.
    Oh, and LALALA!

    @Jo - :-)

    @Xbox - I did NOT hear that!
    (It did make me laugh.)

  24. That's so funny and amazing! Out of 365....wow!

  25. This is the funniest thing I've ever heard (and also sad, the casette tapes!). I love the way you wrote it. I was confused at first and the it all came magically together. How crazy though! You married him!
    You are genius to move your birthday.
    You're so damn funny I can't stand it.


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