Monday, 29 November 2010

Chatty post on late nights, sick children and osteopathy for babies

I probably should have called yesterday's post "Mama, make me!" That would have been much better and it would have captured the emotion I was trying to convey much better. But I always have to go for the cheap laugh, and the denial of the largeness of the hole was also at the forefront of my mind. The things a new mother worries about.

I am lying in bed, hugely overdressed with socks, pajamas and a really big dressing gown, completely overheating. I have been overheating for nearly three hours now, but I won't take anything off - not even a sock - because I'm only online for a little minute before getting some much needed sleep.

And now I just feel like writing a little chatty post to say hi to you all and feel close to other adults. I've been stuck in the house again with a bored baby and a cranky sick three year old. I took her for a walk in the freezing cold anyway because we were all going crazy indoors and we needed to buy food you know, and of course now we're all regretting it because the cough is worse and the temperature back. But that could just be the bug and not the walk.

Jo (who blogs at infantasia and can be found in the comments of nearly every post for which I love her dearly - that and all our chats which mean so much) (I'm too tired for a link forgive me) has recommended I get an osteopath (I hope I get this right) to look at Charlie's spine to see if the induction is why he's still cranky. I think she may be right but I don't know any such person nearby and I get scared just thinking of letting a random stranger loose on my baby's spine. The damage that could be inflicted. Maybe I will ask at my next baby check up with the doctor. He may know someone. Actually he's sleeping much better these days but I have a sneaky suspicion that he may have the same bug as Marie. He coughed earlier, which is a pitiful sound from a baby.

I'm just about melted now. Better get some sleep soon. The internet vortex sucked me deep tonight. Damn internet vortex! And I still had to hit the "mark all as read" button.

- And that's when my battery died of course. Now standing up downstairs, disrobed considerably. -
(Ha! Not my battery, obviously, even though I should be starting to worry about that. The computer's.)

Right. So I should get some sleep now. I dread to think what tomorrow morning will be like with a baby who isn't being taken for a walk (it has snowed, it's about -5 out there and Marie's cough is like something out of a horror movie), a sick girl and a cleaning lady working around us. I may just try to keep them both in my bedroom. What a plan! I think a lot of Mamma Mia! and a baby carrier will be required. I could alphabetise my book collection some more. Oh boy. I may need to spend all night online again tomorrow, just to decompress.

You are my saving, dear readers and fellow bloggers. You truly are.
Also - any opinions? Osteopathy for baby: yes or no?


  1. You and I - sucked into the internet vortex and not asleep. Grr.

    Osteopathy - I was always suspicious. But then I had osteo on my back through the last pregnancy and the man was a genius. I would def let him touch my baby. But I'd be really really careful and only go to someone who is really highly recommended. If you are in London I can recommend one...

    G'night! x

  2. yes to the osteopathy...well..i know it all sound slike hippie-voodoo-hoodoo and all works.

    and for the rest..overheated and desperate and tired? just feel cyberhugged from me...and feel better soon..this day tomorrow will pass too

  3. Oh honey. Jo loves her osteopaths and maybe she is right. But honestly- some babies are just fussier than others. My Lily was cranky for eighteen years and she was not induced.
    I hope all feel better tomorrow. And if they don't- by the next day!

  4. well, Jo convinced me to try it... i'm taking my lil boy to the osteo tomorrow. i hope he starts sleeping better. if i don't have a full night soon i think i will go insane...

  5. I know ppl who swear by cranial osteopathy for fussy babies but I'm with Ms Moon, unconvinced I guess. I used to just place my cranky babes safely and snuggly in their cot to crank away and popped outside with a silk cut and a coffee...

  6. Yes to osteopathy - I've heard that it does wonders for babies.

  7. Pity I don't live near you, cos I have learnt cranial support and I could show you how to do it in a very gentle way without moving the head at all. It's a matter of where you put your hands and fingers, the cranial plates do the rest as they are being supported. Yep sounds like a whole lot of crapola, but it works. Hope Marie is much better in the morning and Charlie just coughed in sympathy and that you haven't melted into a puddle. GO TO BED.....NOW!!
    Hugs Sandi xxx

  8. Yes, to osteopathy. My friend had a very large baby who got a bit crumpled up in her tiny little frame and he was terribly cranky. He had some cranial osteopathy and it worked wonders. I would try and get a recommendation though. And if it doesn't work, well, it doesn't work. xx

  9. Spooky! We've just made an appointment for our baby to see an osteo next week - she comes highly recommended. Hoping she can help some serious sleep problems here(ie. lack of it). This osteo specialises in babies and kids, and is in Westmalle. Is that near you? Belgium is not so big huh??! I have had osteo myself heaps of times, and love it.

  10. @PantsWithNames - You and I - not so clever tonight. But nice to know we're being stupid together.
    If I was in London. Very good.

    @Danielle - I'm sure it does work. One of my most sceptical friends goes to one. And still... I'm just not very good with change or new things.
    Thank you for the cyberhug.

    @Ms. Moon - Ah but maybe all Lily needed for those eighteen years was to go see an osteopath. :-)
    Actually Charlie's not all that cranky - just needs stimulated all the time. I think he's just hyperintelligent. But that may just be my very objective and completely warped proud mother's view.

    @Tatty Franey - I hope it works for you! And if you do go insane, we can be insane together.

    @Nikkii - Ah well I'm too much of a pushover for that. I can always soothe him (even if it means walking him in the pram when I don't want to or feeding him again) so I'm afraid he has me wrapped around his little finger. Your approach may be the more sensible one, though.

    @LJB - I am completely considering it and will do some research.

    @sandiart - See that sounds SO scary because it's his brain on the other side! But I have heard it's brilliant. I don't know. I'm still flipflopping.

    @fiona - Another tick in the pro-box. Thank you.

    @FlourChild - That is SO spooky! Westmalle is indeed quite near me. Who recommended this person? That is very freaky.

  11. My husband's colleague/friend recommended her, they had a miracle result with their own sleepless baby. Our appointment is next Thursday morning, you'll be the first to know how it went! (and, just to add to spookyness, I am home with an uber snotty 3 yr old too :(
    Take care!

  12. I'll join the yes crowd for osteopathy. Works wonderfully. Even my sceptical surgeon husband was convinced. It's not hokus pokus at all, it's tiny minute movements that readjust tiny out of sync bits.
    It can be done on the stomach too to help with intestinal problems. Ask around, you're sure to find someone who knows a good one.

  13. Osteopathy - yes definitely - made a big difference to Littler

    I hope the various bugs receede and the weather gets warmer

  14. Is that the same as a chiropractor?

  15. Hey cyberbuddy! I took my daughter to a Chiropractor when she was about 7 for some treatment on her neck to clear her sinus'. He did lots of fiddling with her and clicking her neck and by the time he'd finished her legs were the same length and she had much better posture but her sinuses were still as bad. She ended up having her tonsils and adonoids out. She's still got sinus problems. Peter would say it's because he didn't get the chance to treat her properly because I left appointment gaps and then just stopped going really. I thoroughly recommend him but he is now in Western Australia!! He was qualified to work on babies and young children. He was based in the Midlands, UK. I would be happy to ask him for any recommendations for you. Mail me if you want me to. S xx

  16. Osteopathy - yes, but see if you can get a recommendation of someone to go to. Cranio-sacral therapy is the same kind of thing (I think). I know a fabulous one in Fife, but that might not help. He is known locally as Mr Magic Fingers. A friend of mine took a colicky baby to him, and said she came back with a different baby. It can be that dramatic.

    I say, give it a try, but if anything makes you uneasy, be brave enough to ask the osteo to stop and explain what he/she is doing. You'll be in the room, so you can keep an eye on what is going on.

  17. I have a friend who also had a good experience with osteopathy for her baby. Shop around until you find one you feel comfortable with.

    Hope that everyone was feeling a bit better today in your house. I know the feeling of being stuck in with a sick baby as just had about two weeks of that. Now we're all better but the snow is with us! Never a dull moment.

  18. @FlourChild - That is extremely spooky. I'm looking forward to your report!

    @Sarah - Another tick in the yes box then. Thanks.

    @Muddling Along Mummy - Thank you. I'm hoping she'll go back to school tomorrow. And thanks for the input.

    @Steph - I think it is. But then I really don't know shit about that kind of thing, so it could not be. :-)

    @Kelloggsville - Australia is a bit far to go but thanks. :-)

    @Iota - I am starting to see a theme here. Anyone who's gone to see one seems to be pretty convinced. And they're the ones to believe, I suppose.

    @Tanya - Two weeks! That's just awful. We have the snow as well right now. It's not very helpful.

  19. It's not so much his spine they'll work on as his head and neck bones :) I know that might not be much comfort :)

    The thing is - when you look at the contortions an tortion a baby has to go through to to bet birthed, even 'normally' without any intervention, it's astounding. They're small and soft and it's easy for them to get put out of place. And when you learn about how the spine is so connected to averything, the soft tissue, the organs, digestion - the things that it affects, it makes more sense.

    FOr instance, my friend's son was pigeon toed all his life, and one session sorted him out. That was when he was ten. So you can fix the things later, but maybe it's easier whne they're stil small.

    I know from going myself, that afterwards, being able to stand straight and unstuck feels so amazingly clear and good, and just like being your right self. I wish I could go more often. Like, more than every few years :(


  20. The consensus seems to be yes but I'm with Iota - try and get a recommendation from someone. I saw a phyio just after I'd had my daughter and she made my back back (the result of an epidural) a lot worse. My point is that, as in any field, some will be better than others.

  21. @Jo - Yeah, that didn't help much. :-)

    @rosiescribble - Exactly. I'm sure some are miracle workers, but you don't want to end up with the one who causes brain damage when they handle that little skull.

  22. I've heard great things of osteopaths and would definitely give it a go. I didn't with Cubling (she was a bit like Charlie) and wish I'd gone to one.

  23. hello! just reporting back that after his FIRST osteo session, Billy slept from midnight to 6h30 this morning. i wish i had gone a long time ago.......

  24. @cartside - But you didn't! :-)

    @Tatty Franey - Well, that clinches it. I'm definitely discussing it with my doctor. I generally find him the voice of reason, so if he can recommend someone I'm going.
    Thank you for reporting back to me!

  25. I've never heard of that...sounds unpleasant. Hope everyone is feeling better very soon!

  26. We took our 11 month old to the osteopath in Westmalle today and we are eagerly awaiting a looooong nights sleep right now! She was very very gentle. She barely touched him, just pressed some points in his ears and felt his head and tummy. No back cracking at all. She identified some likely problems (liver and hypothalamus), related to his super quick birth, and hopefully he will know now that he needs to rest at night.
    I will keep you posted....

  27. Oooo, exciting! I so hope it works for you! Do let me know tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  28. Thanks! So the start of the night was just as bad - lots of quick little wake-ups soothed easily with a bum-pat. But then he did sleep all the way through from 12 til 4:45, which was a massive improvement. He had a boob then, and slept happily til 7:15. Not too bad. There is hope ;)

  29. Yippie for sleep! I hope the improvement keeps going!


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