Wednesday, 29 June 2011


  • Jack is seven today. I'm sure that makes me officially old, but I've unilaterally decided that I won't be old until he's 18. It's all in the mind, you see.
  • I am reading a book with the best title ever: The thing about life is that one day you'll be dead, by David Shields. After a title like that, I suppose the contents can only be a letdown, but one chapter in I'm still excited. We'll see.
    A little quote from the "Prologue" for you:
    [Talking about his father] He's strong and he's weak and I love him and I hate him and I want him to live forever and I want him to die tomorrow.
    My kind of book so far.
  • I have (once again) decided that Charlie is now going to be a good sleeper. The sign I needed was that, in the past two days, he has twice fallen asleep in his buggy and slept on when I took him out to put him into his bed. Surely that's a definite preamble to spiffing sleeperdom. Let me clutch those straws, people.
  • The summer holidays are starting tomorrow. I have been dreading them, as I was pretty much failing at motherhood without having to look after all three kids 24/7 the last few weeks. However, I have now reframed the event in my mind and it's helping me. Here's how I see it now: all year, I have been forced by the schools / choirs / sports clubs etc. to spend my time as they saw fit, whereas now I will be in control. Therefore the holidays will be better. The end.
    Feel free to borrow this argument if you are in the same situation and need to convince yourself that you can survive the vast eternity that is the summer holidays. You're welcome.
  • Also I need exercise, blah blah blah. You know the drill. At least I'm back in my pre-pregnancy jeans so hurray summer sales here I come. I knew replacing all solid foods with white wine would work.
  • Oh, and you know I miss you all, right? I'm working on the inspiration / time to write thing. Obviously it will all sort itself this week as Charlie will now sleep well and the holidays will give me all that free time to blog.
    Damn, now I have become delusional as well.


  1. No sleep till Brooklyn (I'm working on only commenting in quotes if poems and songs)! Schools out for summer. Enjoy

  2. We don't need no eduction. (trying to copy Kelloggsville here but am clearly a novice). xx

  3. At least with school holidays we can all stay in our pyjamas all day; there is no rush to eat breakfast; no lunches to pack; no bitchy mothers at the school gates to run in to. And we don't have to make ridiculous last minute fancy dress costumes at midnight and in doing so break every law of political correctness and cultural sensitivity (Milla had to go as an Indian today, I was up last night making handmade feathers....SO WRONG!).
    I can't think of a song lyric that sums all that up.
    x Rhi

  4. ps. Happy Birthday Jack x

  5. Girl's gotta dream. I love you, Mwa.

  6. God help us all, Mwa, god help us all...

  7. As I type with one hand, with the other I'm making a Wartime Barm Loaf from a genuine WW2 recipe for my 11 year old's school play tomorrow (for grandparents during the interval) thanks to said daughter volunteering her Mum as she's a great cook and won't mind. I do, but 'I'm just a girl who can't say No'!

  8. The book sounds great, and the bit about his dad is frighteningly like how I feel about mine.
    Happy birthday to Jack, and him being 7 does not make you old.
    My eldest will be 20 in November (which is probably not all that much younger than you anyway)and I still refuse to feel old.

  9. Though of course having two birthdays a year does make you age at twice the rate of the rest of us.

  10. Happy birthday Jack. And the white wine diet? Nice.

  11. Can I please come and be your summer au pair? My feet are so cold I can't feel them and there's a permanent drip on the end of my nose.

  12. Ok so I'm doing it wrong, I'm eating and drinking wine. Old?? Old??? wait until your first born is 28 and your baby is 20, I still don't feel old tho' 'Forever young I'm gonna be forever young' (not quite the correct words but what the heck)
    Enjoy your holidays and a very big Happy 7th to Jack.
    x Sandi

  13. Brilliant argument on the summer holidays. I'm stealing that. :-)

  14. Happy birthday to Jack! I need to get on a diet yesterday. Glad to know I'm not the only one!


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