Friday, 9 September 2011


I gave this big speech to Jack about priorities. He wants to do it all: handball, swimming, music school twice a week, choir, and now... ropeskipping. And it's just too much. For me, for poor Marie and Charlie who have to sit in the car too much, and for him, because he's exhausted already in his second week of school. So I told him he had to drop something. And thank fuck, mercy, and all your combined deities, because he dropped choir, which is a very sad thing, but at the same time I don't have to do the Friday night ride of hell any more in which I take him several towns away through peak time traffic to be in choir from six till eight. Did I mention this was on bloody Friday night, when everyone else is collapsed in their sofas, resting after a hard week's work?

Anyway - back to the theme of the day: priorities. I'm starting my piano lessons next week, and I accidentally booked them for a Tuesday night, which clashes with my once-monthly book club. The double booking was an accident, but when I realised my mistake, it dawned on me that I could use the same speech I just gave to Jack. So, however much it pains me, I have decided that there will be no more book club this year. If I want to finally write something substantial for myself - and what does the world need more than another unpublished "author" who takes herself seriously - I don't need to also read ten books other people picked. I will miss it, but I can only do so much. (Also blogs - this one and others - have to come after the other writing for which I apologise dear reader.) 

The world makes more sense to me now. I was only running Jack to that choir every week because I loved it so much when I was a kid anyway. He needs to find his own amazing experiences, and he will. Hopefully much closer to home. And I am finally sitting down to write a bit more. In between snotty noses, school runs, and ropeskipping drop offs. All I need now is a place to sit down on my own in the evenings. The couple of hours I can find here and there during the day just won't cut it, and sitting on my bed at night with my laptop on my knees may still seem romantic just now, but I'm sure it won't be when my back gives out. A room of my own won't be possible, but perhaps I can find a small corner table.

So, "priorities" is my theme of the week.

Igor will be proud of me. And more importantly, I will, too.


  1. Get a breakfast tray with those pull down legs at the sides and it makes typing in bed much sister.

    And go for the writing - it's what you want to do and that's all that matters.

    Igor sounds like a good friend who I'm sure will be thrilled at the blogname that you've chosen for him.

    He's right, go for the writing - it's what you really want to do, and that matters above everything else.

  2. That sounds wonderful.

    I like Tinman's breakfast tray idea, but I have a friend who made a beautiful crafting corner with a little desk and shelves in a quiet landing corner, pretty cheaply courtesy of Ikea. That's a nice idea too.

  3. Time and space. These may be the greatest gifts of all. I wish you both of these, Mwa, so that you can do what it is you love.

  4. And when you're writing concentrate more than I do - I decided to move the second sentence of my comment to the end, but then forgot to take out the sentence.

  5. Oh, please can you give me this speech as well? My writing has taken a back seat to running book groups, working in the book shop and blogging. I am still struggling with re-edits (will they ever end???)to my manuscript, The Englishman (formely known as How I Came To Be In England). Yet, it is the manuscript I really want to finish most of all.

    God luck with your writing - to want to be a writer is not really a choice but a compulsion?

    Helena xx

  6. Nice speech. I needed that too :-)
    I've put V in her first class ever, art once a week, with my older nephew. Planning some sort of freestyle dance, next, along with one instrument. This is all to give her an opportunity to meet other kids, though I should keep this post in mind.
    Sorry for rambling on :-)

  7. I'm so glad you are writing, and that Jack quit choir :-)

  8. I'd forgotten the Igor post (so much for posterity among the unwashed, my love) until you reminded me. I'm impressed by the chain of events: Igor suggests, you get cracking. Good for you. I suggest leaving the family to Babe's tender mercies for two months or so while you take off to Iceland (hot springs = founts of inspiration) in order to concentrate. xxx

  9. Oh God, I so needed to hear this! I am really struggling with priorities. I have two books started (non-fiction and fiction) and WILL I EVER FINISH THEM? There's always something else that needs to be done. Or does it...

    Good luck with your priorities. x

  10. Hello MWA, Igor here again. You go, girl! We all have dreams, but you are taking steps to realising yours, which rocks! I am proud of you, and you are a great inspiration to loads of people. Looking forward to the book!

  11. love the reprioritization that fall brings! I have missed this blog too long... please do drop us all a post now and again between writing!!

  12. Good for you! Blogging is distracting, but it would be nice to hear from you occasionally. Glad you're keeping up your music too.


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