Friday, 19 February 2016

My philosophy of life

Babes learned about different personality types at work. They identified four kinds - red, blue, yellow, green - and the idea is that once you see how someone works, you will be able to interact with them more easily. The course was called, amusingly, Win-win. Even though the packaging makes me giggle, I think it sounds like a very good idea, to teach a bunch of engineers and IT'ers about people and how to deal with them. (I admit I was a little jealous - I could do with a course like that.) I don't see it as a way to manipulate people (as some might), I just see an attempt to make life more peaceful.

It's funny, though. The first thing I wanted to do, was find out which type I was. Instinctively, I thought I was blue - methodical, precise, perfectionist. That has been my own story of me. Babes immediately said 'No way anyone whose philosophy of life is "Fuck it" is a blue person.' He put me between yellow and red. To start with, I was insulted. Yellow is okay, but red people sound like a right pain. Arrogant, pushy. (There is another side to them as well - determined, strong-willed.)

I didn't even think that 'Fuck it' was my philosophy of life. But, sure enough, during the week's skiing, I caught myself using that exact phrase several times a day. When we had to go skiing in a snow storm and I wanted to hide in the pub, 'Fuck it' got me out there into the icy wind. When I didn't want to drink from my snotty kid's bottle but I didn't have another one, 'Fuck it' kept me hydrated. When I had decided to be good and have less beer, then someone offered me a half liter glass - you guessed it: 'Fuck it'.

It's not such a bad philosophy, really. Except for the fact that Babes is quite British and doesn't swear and doesn't like me to either. (I'm never going to be a lay-dee. I say 'Fuck it' to that as well. It's obvious from the fact that my children have three options when they fart: 'Excuse me', 'That was a good one', or 'I'm a lay-dee'. It's funny that I get annoyed with them if they say nothing. They have to say one of the three.) I tone myself down for him. I try to behave. But when I'm tired, stressed, upset - I just think 'Fuck it' and let my true nature out.


  1. Mmmm...
    I wonder what color I am. I say Fuck It a lot. And Fuck That. And Fuck This. Etc.
    I am certainly no lay-dee. That is one thing for certain.

  2. I don't think I could have married a man who didn't like me to swear. He would have been perennially disappointed.

    Well, he was either way, in fairness, but for different reasons.

  3. I'm not in the lay-dee camp either, although compared to my mother, my swearing is mild...I might be red, though...

  4. You've seen "Risky Business," right? "Sometimes you just have to say, 'What the fuck!'" Same idea. :)

  5. We just had to do one of these courses, the whole bogging department - big take away is we need to employ more than just white men with autism...


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